Guidelines & Rules: Non-Nude Sets (Archive); Updated: 16/03/2016

Only nonude models photo sets must be posted here (Archive)
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Guidelines & Rules: Non-Nude Sets (Archive); Updated: 16/03/2016

Postby BOB » 16 Mar 2016, 11:48

Guidelines & Rules: Non-Nude Sets (New Content); Updated: 03/16/2016

In addition to the global rules, the following section specific rules apply here.

 Definition: Non-Nude Photo Sets (New Content)
Sexually suggestive content, but with:

♥ 11yrs old is the minimum age for posting in Non-Nude. Posting conformity to Rules and all other issues concerning this requirement will remain at the discretion of Moderator, without question.
Note: Avatars & Signatures must conform to 13 year old minimum age limit.
♥ No nudity - Positively no nudity of genitalia, or, nipples, which includes, even through transparent materials.
♥ No real or simulated hardcore sexual acts
Sexually explicit comments are unacceptable. Please try to remember that you are discussing children, not Porn Stars.
♥ Posted content must be tasteful, and, may be removed, without question, at the discretion of Moderator.
Trading, or requests for Trades is unacceptable, including through PM's, Emails, & Chat.

Non-Nude Photo Sets (New Content)

♥ This section is exclusively for sets which have never been posted on LoveNymphets before.
♥ To determine if a set is new, go to advanced search and search across the entire forum.

Re-posting (New Content)

♥ Re-posting is only allowed in the original set's thread as a reply and only if the original set is dead.
♥ You must re-upload your set on a different image-host.
♥ Do Not Re-Post your own content.

Cash Links

♥ Cash links forbidden, Installers, redirectors, trojans and 'tech-support' ads are not tolerated.

 Flooding (New Content)

♥ There is currently no throttle in effect. You may post as much new content as you want.

Prefixes (New Content)

♥ When starting a New Thread, Prefixes must be used, when available.

♥ Complete Sets must be posted, when available.
Note: No nudity in Non-Nude, regardless of age.
♥ For those sets containing minimal nudity and the Model is under 18 years old, post just the non-nude pix.
♥ For those sets containing nudity and the Model is 18 years old or older, post just the non-nude pix in Non-Nude. If you opt to post the complete set in a more appropriate Section, such as Solo, you may provide a Viper Girls link to it
within the Non-Nude Set.
♥ Partial Nudity 16 - 18 years old: Partial Nudity means discrete showing of breast only, preferably through transparent material. A few( <3 ) very discrete visible breasts per Set would be acceptable, providing the model is a minimum of
16 years old. Moderators will determine "discrete partial nudity". Their decision is final.
♥ Anyone requesting the posting of nudity, sexually explicit material, inappropriate posing or that a link be provided to content, when the Model is less than 18 years old, will be infracted as a serious violation, or, possibly Banned,
depending on the nature of the request and Members History.
♥ It is strongly suggested that content posted in Non-Nude originate from sites that primarily focus on non-nude content.
♥ Add all images as clickable thumbnails.
♥ Thumbnails must be at least 150 px in either dimension.
♥ Fullsized images must be at least 1500 px in either dimension, if available.
♥ All images must be posted on the same image-host. A cover photo may still be posted on another image-host.
♥ If the Model is a minimum of 18 years old, and, you wish to use a small representation of the gallery pix plus an archival link containing the full set, please use Link Drop.
♥ Piling on re-up requests is unacceptable.
♥ Do Not Bump Older Threads by replying, rather, click on Thanks.
♥ Torrents are not allowed in Non-Nude Photo Sets. Do Not discuss, build, or provide links.
♥ Do Not post faceless pix. Model's full face must be seen, else the set will be removed. Pix with partial face exposure, such as look-back and side profiles will be acceptable provided a majority of the set is full facial exposure.

Banned Models/Sites

It is your responsibility to read and adhere to these Guidelines & Rules. If in doubt, Please, ask first.

Guidelines and Rules are subject to change, therefore, Please review, as necessary.

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